Digital Marketing Agency Going Green!

By Angela Donoso - Updated August 11, 2020

Ethical Digital Marketing Agency

We are excited to announce that our agency finally made the decision to only work with customers that create positive impacts on this planet. Today we are an Ethical Digital Marketing Agency

Since we launched Media Base, we had amazing experiences with clients, we saw so many of them grew and reached their goals.

We particularly realized that the companies where we performed best were companies which values were aligned with ours, when they had a clear purpose and vision to help their customers and the environment around them (there are many brands that are committed to this)

The excitement we felt by working with these brands brought us to question if we should exclusively work only with organizations looking to make this world a better place.

The change is in our hands

You see, changing the world has always been our mission as an agency but we were not so sure how to make that happen.

Creating a sustainable practice is necessary for today’s time. With the impacts of climate change are becoming more drastic, the need for human transformation to create a conscious humanity, a green purpose-driven brand is beneficial to both the world and the brand. There are many companies that offer sustainable products and services and we want to support them. Going green can be easy and rewarding if the right steps are taken at the right time.

Once we realize the effect of applying our skills to help projects, companies or organizations grow and how big of an impact you can create by applying proper marketing strategies to their messages, we understood our superpower.

This decision was definitely not an easy one, it required saying no to many opportunities, many tempting opportunities for the sole purpose of following our mission.

But when the time came, we did it! We gather the team, threw the idea out there and received some opinions.

Many of them were as excited as us, some were just concern on how we were going to make it work.

Niching down is probably the best strategy you can do in any business, and honestly, we don’t understand why it took us so long to get here.

But it’s happening!

We are fully converting into an agency exclusively for sustainable, transformational and positive impact organizations.

And here is how we do it.

We realized that every company that has a strong sense of purpose has an amazing story behind it.

Designing a purpose-driven strategy for that story is key! Not everyone resonates with your vision and we are here to connect you with the right people that do.

 And here is where we come in.

We listen, we give a stronger shape to that vision and then we go out and share it.

Being a young team (mostly millennia’s) filled with passion, we truly understand the best practices when it comes to sharing these purpose-driven messages.

Sharing strategies on how can your organization create meaningful connections with your target the audience is what we do best.

All the way from content creation that truly reflects your story and vision, digital marketing strategies that will leverage that purpose and will get you in front of the right people combined with effective PR strategies that will help your brand connect with organizations your customers admire.

So, What Do You Think?

We will love to hear what do you think about our new Ethical Digital Marketing Agency?

Specifically, we will like to know:

What’s the #1 thing you want to learn about us right now?

We plan on adding more resources to the blog soon. Mostly tools that will help you understand more about how we are sharing the stories of our customers and also some tips and strategies you can start implementing to your company today.

So let us know if you have any topics that you want us to cover.

Whether you create an emotional, environmental or technical transformation that will guide and transform our world into a better place we want to work with you.

Let’s hop on a call and have a conversation on how you can transform that vision for your organization into a reality.


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