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Akasha Yoga Academy’s Transition to an Online School.

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Akasha Yoga Academy was in the process of transitioning from an on-site yoga school to an online yoga school. The challenge was to increase their sales as their profits were not sustainable and they were experiencing significant loss during the pandemic. Our company partnered with Akasha Yoga Academy to support them in this transition.


Created highly converted landing pages with high-converting copy: One of the key strategies we implemented was the creation of highly converted landing pages with high converting copy. The goal of these landing pages was to turn leads into customers. This is an ongoing process, but we created one initially and continue to update it constantly. The landing pages were designed to be visually appealing and easy to navigate, with clear calls to action that guide the user towards making a purchase. We also wrote copy that was persuasive, highlighting the benefits of taking the course with Akasha Yoga Academy.

Implemented a payment plan platform: Another strategy we implemented was the implementation of a payment plan platform. This platform allowed users to make purchases in installments, making it easier for them to afford the training. This resulted in an increase in purchases as more people were able to afford the training.


Developed a Facebook strategy: We also developed a Facebook strategy that included a proper funnel to convert leads with creative and high converting copy. The strategy included a combination of Facebook ads, posts, and engagement with potential customers. This strategy resulted in a 4X conversion rate, where we saw a very good result on a monthly basis and growth in there.

Implemented a full chatbot system: To improve the customer experience and capture leads, we implemented a full chatbot system. This system takes leads on a journey to convert and also attends objections, answering questions. To make the experience more personalized, we created Chat bots for each page and program, and added a chat bot to the checkout process to decrease the abandon rate.


Managed Akasha’s email marketing: We also managed Akasha’s email marketing, creating automated campaings for leads and highly converted yearly/quarterly campaigns. These campaigns brought good results to the Academy, as they were able to reach more potential customers and increase conversions.

Implemented internal automations: To make the process more efficient, we implemented internal automations to reduce manual work. We created automations for processes such as sign-up, purchase, enrolment, and the student journey throughout the course. This has saved a lot of workforce, handling more than 15,000 tasks monthly.

Developed a WhatsApp API and automation chat flow: Another project we developed with Akasha Yoga Academy was the WhatsApp API and automation chat flow. We used a software to create a very seamless sales process through WhatsApp and a very effective customer support through the platform. The API and chat flow have more than 15 active team members and more than 20,000 users being handled by Akasha at the moment, we manage all the sales through the chat flow

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