Carolina Catrillon

Marketing for nutritionist

Carolina wanted to completely revamp her professional image as she had decided to shift towards a fully digital approach in her care services.

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To do this, planning a good marketing for nutritionists, we not only offered to capture what she was as a professional through a logo, but we also structured a health management software to optimize care processes for her patients, as well as reduce response times. from Carolina to them.

The software synthesizes the patient follow-up process with a LOG-IN that allows the patient to generate a username and password and thus see her Clinical History, Anthropometric Evolution, Personalized Diet and nutritional advice according to her type of eating disease.


In the first place, to achieve good marketing for nutritionists, in this case of Carolina Castrillón, the redesign of Carolina’s brand was vital, since now it had to transmit technology and connection, as well as accompanying the patient, since we were going to migrate blended and face-to-face care to 100% online care.


This first phase also included the planning and taking of photographs, based on the specialties, services and pillars to highlight of the Carolina professional brand.


Likewise, we put together the digital ecosystem and configured the necessary platforms so that Carolina can communicate her new image in the correct channels and attract new potential patients. We also made graphic designs of the digital content as an example, by platform, for Carolina or her communication team to use as a template.


The third phase included the structure of the web and the development of the software, also based on the specialties and services that we wanted to communicate, and above all with the aim of linking everything previously worked on the brand identity.

We really enjoyed the process of Carolina’s professional brand redesign, because she is one of those health professionals who is truly passionate about her career and sees it as a means to make the world a better place. Our job is simply to help you communicate that with good marketing to nutritionists.

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