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La Familia Meraki is a personal family blog that aims to inspire other families to travel and have adventures. The blog was created in four phases: Defining the Purpose and Branding, Building a Community on Social Media, Establishing an E-Commerce Platform, and Creating Strategic Partnerships with Recognized Brands


The first phase of the project was to define the purpose of the blog and the message it would share with its audience. The team wanted to express a unique and adventurous family, and to show that every family can adventure and explore the world together. To achieve this, they worked closely on the branding, style of photography and content creation to match this purpose and convey the message of a family adventure throughout the world.


The second phase focused on building a community on social media. The team utilized platforms like email, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube to reach out to their target audience and gain followers. They created engaging content, shared behind-the-scenes moments, and fostered a sense of community by regularly interacting with their followers and responding to their comments and messages. They also used social media advertising to increase their reach and attract new followers. As a result, the team managed to bring over a 50k followers on YouTube and Instagram.


In the third phase, the team established an e-commerce platform to sell products to their audience. They created e-books, physical products such as jewelry, and set up a full landing page for the e-commerce platform, with a focus on website conversion.


The fourth phase was to create strategic partnerships for influencer marketing with recognized brands. The team was successful in collaborating and partnering with top 500 companies such as hotels around the world such as Ritz-Carlton and luxury cruises and hotels recognized in Latin America. These partnerships created very successful campaigns with the family blog.

Overall, La Familia Meraki is a successful personal blog that inspires other families to travel and have adventures. The team’s efforts in defining the purpose and branding, building a community on social media, creating an e-commerce platform, and establishing strategic partnerships with recognized brands contributed to its success.

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