Karla Alvarado 

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The Karla Alvarado brand was in need of a rebrand as it was not truly reflective of the message and values that Karla, as a nutritionist, wanted to convey. The current branding, with a typical fruit imagery, did not stand out and did not effectively communicate the unique approach and philosophy that Karla brings to the field of nutrition. A rebranding effort would be necessary to develop a new visual identity that accurately represents Karla and her message to her target audience.

WHAT WE DO FOR Karla Alvarado – Nutritionist 

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To successfully market to nutritionists, it is crucial to identify a unique concept of nutrition and align it with the values of the specific nutritionist. In the case of Karla Alvarado, we approached the project by first conducting research and discovery to gain a thorough understanding of her approach and values. We then used this insight to develop a brand that accurately represents Karla’s message and sets her apart in the industry. This included creating a new visual identity, messaging, and positioning that would be used in all communications and marketing materials. We work basically in two parts: 


As part of the marketing plan for nutritionists, we also work on Karla’s complementary color palette and the designs for her social networks, based on her ideal client or consumer portrait.

Likewise, we developed the web as the main communication channel with customers, since it would be focused on relevant content to communicate this balance between food and personality.

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