Doctors at Home

 Medihogar is a group of specialized physicians who offer in-home care to patients with chronic conditions and/or advanced age, who prefer not to visit clinics or hospitals due to the potential risk of virus transmission.

WHAT WE DO FOR Medihogar 

Content Creation



In our approach to marketing for Medihogar, we take into account the following stages of the process:


The objective with this brand was to transmit trust and closeness to the patient, since patients are expected to carry out continuous monitoring with a family doctor, to whom they can go at any time. The slogan “family doctors at home” was proposed to give strength to the logo, showing the concept of the service.

Likewise, the blue and light blue colors that are linked to medicine and calm were chosen to evoke positive feelings towards the brand. To achieve a characteristic isotype, we played with the position and repetition of the icon of a house, thus achieving the shape of a cross, which symbolizes medicine. In this way we synthesize the two main characteristics of Medihogar: medicine at home.


We also carry out a photographic session since we consider it important that in the communication of a service – especially medical – the real people who will carry it out are shown. For this, we plan the photographs considering the location, the equipment and the possible resources in the office and at home.


Morover, we create Medihogar digital ecosystem to establish the flow that digital communication must follow, having in mind the human capital they had. We also established graphic designs as a template for the team in charge of communication to use as a guide to capture future digital content.

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