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RadianteTu is a personal coach and therapist who approached us with the goal of building her brand, website, and sales funnel through advertising. We took on the challenge and began by creating her brand, including her logo and brand colors, as well as a social media kit to ensure consistency across all platforms. The brand was intended to convey confidence, women empowerment, wisdom, and elegance.


Next, we built a high-converting landing page for her website, which served as the foundation for her sales funnel. We focused on several key elements to ensure its effectiveness such as clear and compelling headline, strong visuals, a clear and easy-to-use layout, a clear call-to-action and optimized for mobile devices.


In terms of the Facebook advertising strategy, we used a combination of tactics to ensure that the ads were highly effective. These included: targeted audience, A/B testing, ad placement, retargeting, and optimization. We used Facebook’s targeting tools to ensure that the ads were reaching the right people, based on factors such as demographics, interests, and behaviors. We tested different ad creatives and ad copy to find the best performing ones. We carefully selected the placements of the ads, such as Facebook’s news feed, to maximize visibility and engagement. We also used retargeting to show ads to people who had already visited RadianteTu’s website or engaged with her on social media. We regularly monitored and optimized the campaign based on metrics such as click-through rate, conversion rate, and return on ad spend.

We developed an advertising strategy that promoted her coaching programs, therapies, and retreats. This resulted in all of her programs selling out, and a significant number of therapy sessions being booked. Our advertising strategy included a funnel that featured various options and lead captures, which were then merged with an email marketing campaign. This approach led to excellent results for RadianteTu’s business, converting leads into paying customers. Overall, through a combination of branding, website design, and targeted advertising, we were able to help RadianteTu establish a strong online presence and grow her business.

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